So… I am in my last week of my pregnancy. I am expecting, all going well, that this is us done – a family of five. Being a late bloomer in the starting a family domain, I have spent a fair chunk of the past four years pregnant or breastfeeding (thankfully never both at the same time – not sure my body would have coped so well with it).


Fortunately this time around, I have felt the best I have for all three pregnancies. Not really sure why this is the case? My mother in-law is of the belief that your body becomes better attuned with subsequent pregnancies. It may be this coupled with the fact that this was the first pregnancy I have not moved interstate (1st pregnancy I returned home from Sydney at 36 weeks and 2nd pregnancy I moved to hot and humid Brisbane when I was 32 weeks pregnant). Or simply, life just goes on when you have two young children.


A couple of things dawned on me that I am sure you would never read about in books (not that I read all that much about being pregnant). I have slept on my left side fairly religiously for all three pregnancies, and you know what has always bothered me the most? A really sore left ear most nights. Has anyone ever experienced this – or do I have an odd ear? Perhaps the cartilage softens in my ear when pregnant?


With my first two pregnancies, I deemed pillow support in bed for my burgeoning stomach to be critical. This time around, I have not given an additional pillow a second thought, not once, and instead have mastered the art of sleeping on my stomach – and still can at 38 weeks (I got the green light from my ob. to do this). This is pure bliss for a tummy sleeper, particularly when I believed this to have been impossible with my previous pregnancies.


Of the different homes I have lived in while pregnant, my current temporary residence is the first without a butler sink in the kitchen (for those among us unfamiliar with butler sinks, these are extremely deep – and feel even deeper to a short person like myself!). So n...

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