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ErgoPouch Mumma Scent Comforter - Small/Medium

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Quick Overview

Let baby smell you’re there & settle quicker with this T-shirt that converts into Baby Comforter.

ErgoPouch Mumma Scent Comforter - Small/Medium

Let baby smell you’re there & settle quicker T-shirt Converts into Baby Comforter. Mother craft nurses and health professionals have been recommending placing a smelly mothers t-shirt into the baby's cot to help with settling for years. Now you can transform it into a user friendly comforter and attach it to the side cot panels safely.

Babies use their sense of smell mostly to stay close to their mother. It is seen that babies identify their mother's smell, right from the birth and finds more comfort, when this smell is near the baby, rather than the smell of someone else.

How it works: Mother wears t-shirt for a day T-Shirt absorbs mothers smell - strong scent better Baby sleeps with tshirt and feels more settled and secure, thinking mum is close by.

Key Features of Mummascent:

Highly breathable
Extra safety straps
Attaches to cot panels
Snug fit allows pheromones to absorb into fabric
Super stretch bamboo fabric absorbs mothers smell easily

Benefits: Helps baby settle quicker Great when leaving baby with caretakers They will think you are there with them Use as a sleep cue & associationAge to use: 0-6months: T-shirt designed to attach to cot panels from 6+months: Can be used freely in cot